All Things Beloved Video Podcast

All Things Beloved Video Podcast

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Listen in as Christina chats with guests about faith, life, and all things Beloved.

All Things Beloved Video Podcast
  • Faith Food and Fitness with Shannon Parker

    Episode 1

    I started the “All Things Beloved” podcast with the hope to share with you stories from women of faith who are practically living out their walk with God. I don’t want you to simply be inspired by the Beloved Women Bible studies; I also want you to see and know that you can practically live out t...

  • Faith and Social Justice with Karen McNary

    Episode 2

    I’ve invited my friend Karen McNary on the podcast today to discuss faith and social justice. Karen is a Bible teacher and the Director of Human Resources for Proverbs 31 ministries. We discuss:

    + Why now is a time of grieving for the Black community and those that stand in solidarity with us.

  • Staying Connected During Crisis with Kia Stephens

    Episode 3

    I hope so much that this email finds you well. This week I just wanted to check-in and see how you are doing. With all the social distancing that’s going on, we must not forget to connect with one another. In today’s video, my good friend Kia Stephens and I talked about how all the recent changes...