Already Free Bible Study

Already Free Bible Study

Have you ever felt trapped or stuck in life? Have you ever felt held back and restrained from experiencing the freedom in Christ we read about in the Bible?

If you are ready to break free from wavering feelings, the opinion of others, past sin, guilt, shame and anything else holding you back from living freely in Christ this is the study for you.

“Already Free” is a 17 session Bible Study that walks you through the book of Galatians to learn:

+ What “freedom in Christ” means.
+ The one thing preventing you from experiencing freedom in Christ.
+ Why you can be certain that the freedom you crave is already yours.
+ How you can practically experience freedom in Christ every single day.

The days of being held hostage by your past, what others think of you, and striving to work for God’s approval are over. You are already free. Now it’s time to live like it.

Already Free Bible Study
  • Experiencing Freedom in Christ [Already Free Session 1]

    Have you ever heard about the freedom of Christ in the Bible but didn’t really feel like you were actually experiencing that freedom as a Christian? If you have I completely know this struggle. However, the book of Galatians has spoken so much truth over my life in this area. So today I want to s...

  • How to Break Free From the Opinion of Others [Already Free Session 2]

    One of the most common fears we face is the fear of what others think of us. And this fear is robbing us of our joy, peace, and confidence in Christ. So I want to ask you: Are you constantly afraid of what others think of you? Has this fear ever prevented you from doing something you know God cal...

  • How to Let Go of Your Past [Already Free Session 3]

    One of our greatest struggles is to break free from the pain, guilt, and hurt of our past. So in today’s video, we’re looking at Galatians 1:13-24 to discuss this topic in detail because if we can’t come to terms with our past, we can’t come to terms with our future. But because of the work of Je...

  • How to Overcome Comparison [Already Free Session 4]

    So far in our study of Galatians, we have learned how to find freedom from the opinion of others and our past. Today I am excited to discuss how we can find freedom from comparison. It’s so easy to look at someone else and think we need to be like them, especially if they are what we consider suc...

  • How to Speak the Truth in Love [Already Free Session 5]

    Today I want to discuss one of the most challenging things we will have to do in life and that is correct or confront someone in the wrong. Maybe it is a friend, a church member, a child, or a family member. If you’ve lived long enough you know there are a million ways we can get this wrong but I...

  • Do Not Set Aside the Grace of God [Already Free Session 6]

    We all have a past and many times letting go of that past can seem near impossible. However, as we’ve found in our Already Free series the Gospel of Jesus Christ can free us from anything, even our past. And when that seems impossible today’s text in Galatians 2:19-21 reminds us not to “set aside...

  • Why God's Grace is Greater Than Your Works [Already Free Session 7]

    We’re continuing our study of Galatians and it’s getting good! Today we talk in detail on why God’s grace is so much greater than our works. In Galatians 3:1-14 we learn that if we are saved by faith, then we also walk with Christ by faith. Our faith is not only for the prayer we say when we ask ...

  • Why God's Promise is Greater Than Your Works [Already Free Session 8]

    Just the other day my husband and I were talking about how the uncertainty of life is one of the greatest challenges to our faith. Still, we are blessed to serve an unchanging and faithful God. In the last session, we talked about why God’s grace is greater than our works. Now as we work our way ...

  • We Are All One in Christ [Already Free Session 9]

    Now more than ever race, class, and social status are the dividing lines that prevent unity and progress in our world. In today’s study of Galatians, we learn how the Gospel of Jesus Christ frees us from these dividing lines. I’m not saying that the lines are not present and that there is no long...

  • Understanding Your Identity in Christ [Already Free Session 10]

    As we continue our “Already Free” series we learn why it is so important to understand our identity in Christ. In today’s video, we learn not only are we daughters of God but that we are also His heirs. And freedom is our rightful inheritance! However, we must make the decision for ourselves to l...

  • Why You Can Stop Trying to Be Perfect [Already Free Session 11]

    With growing demands, deadlines, and endless responsibilities women, now more than ever, seem to be striving for perfection. Unfortunately, it’s this striving that is leaving us empty, discouraged, and wondering what in the world is wrong with us? May I quickly answer that question for you?


  • How to Recognize False Teaching [Already Free Session 12]

    Throughout the New Testament, we find multiple warnings against false teaching. False teaching is any teaching that does not align with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is this type of teaching that leads us further from God and not closer to Him, no matter how religious it looks. So today in our s...

  • Where God's Promises Are Fulfilled [Already Free Session 13]

    Over the past few videos, we have discussed the importance of knowing who we are in Christ. We also learned that our identity in Christ means more than anything we could ever do for Him.

    To further drive in this message to the Galatians, Paul uses the story of Sarah and Hagar from Genesis to mak...

  • Stand Firm in Your Freedom [Already Free Session 14]

    Can pause today to reflect on the fact that we serve a RISEN King! Our Lord and Savior is alive and not dead!

    Now we are free from sin.

    Free from guilt.

    Free from shame.

    Free from death.

    The work of Christ is finished! As we’ve learned in our Already Free series He came to set us free. So th...

  • Walk By the Spirit [Already Free Session 15]

    As we continue our Already Free series through the book of Galatians we learn that if we want to experience the true freedom of Christ we must walk by the Spirit. But what does that even mean? How do we walk by the Spirit? That’s exactly what we’ll be learning in today’s video.

  • Don't Give Up [Already Free Session 16]

    If we’re honest we must admit that at times our walk with Christ can become frustrating, difficult, and leave us simply wanting to give up. However, our study in Galatians today encourages us to do the opposite. Now is the time to plant seeds of faith to see a fruitful harvest of peace, hope, and...

  • You Are Already Free [Already Free Session 17]

    Today is the day! We have officially studied the entire book of Galatians over the past 17 sessions to learn what it means to truly experience freedom in Christ. I want to thank you for joining me on this journey and invite you to watch today’s video as I summarize the 3 most important lessons fr...

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