Bible Study Series

Bible Study Series

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At Beloved, we know what it's like attempting to keep up with the demands of everyday life while still trying to make time to connect with God. This is exactly why we've created Beloved TV with, a collection of Beloved Women Bible Studies. Our video Bible Studies by Christina Patterson takes the complication out of making time for God by guiding women like us through the Bible to help connect with God in simple, practical, and meaningful ways.

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Bible Study Series
  • I Can Do All Things Through Christ [Relentless Joy Session 12]

    Episode 1

    I know this entire “Relentless Joy” series is all about joy. Yet, here I am a little sad it’s almost over. When writing this study I had NO idea how many women around the world would join and share in this journey. In all sincerity, thank you.

    In Philippians chapter one we read about Paul’s love...

  • Do Not Be Anxious About Anything [Relentless Joy Session 11]

    Episode 2

    If there’s one thing I’ve learned in life it’s that anxiety is not our friend. It’s one of the greatest hindrances to our experiencing joy in Christ. In fact, in today’s video the Apostle Paul’s advice on anxiety is straight to the point: just don’t do it! Of course, we know this is easier said t...

  • The Joy of the Lord is Your Strength [Relentless Joy Session 10]

    Episode 3

    God is an everlasting source of joy and strength, and the more we depend on Him, the more strength and joy we will experience. Learn the important connection between our strength and joy in God in today’s study.

  • Forgetting What Lies Behind [Relentless Joy Session 9]

    Episode 4

    Life is going well. You’re moving forward and then BOOM! A reminder from your past set’s you back stealing your joy and hope for the future. Maybe it’s a bad mistake or a tragic event. Instead of finding joy in Christ, you constantly keep looking over your shoulder afraid your past is creeping up...

  • Put No Confidence in the Flesh [Relentless Joy Session 8]

    Episode 5

    In this world, a sign of maturity is to become more independent. However, as believers, a sign of spiritual maturity is not more independence but more dependence on God. We’ll see why placing less confidence in ourselves and more confidence in God leads to more joy in today’s study. Enjoy!

  • The Joy of Being Present [Relentless Joy Session 7]

    Episode 6

    Last time I checked more than 80% of Beloved Women viewers and readers consume our content on a mobile device. I’ve seen God use our app, videos, and website in amazing ways to help women grow in their faith. But I also know that our phones can be a distraction from our real lives and slowly rob ...

  • Work Out Your Salvation with Fear and Trembling [Relentless Joy Session 6]

    Episode 7

    As believers, we have the joy of Christ, the peace of Christ, and the love of Christ. But just because we have those gifts does not mean we’ve actively opened them and used them. Learn what it means to work out our own salvation and why this leads to our experiencing abundant life in Christ in to...

  • Having the Mind of Christ [Relentless Joy Session 5]

    Episode 8

    In today’s video, we’ll learn that humility leads to more joy in our lives. Unfortunately, many mistake humility with weakness. However, as we look at the example set by Jesus in today’s study we’ll learn why humility is actually a sign of strength. Enjoy.

  • Do Nothing Out of Selfish Ambition [Relentless Joy Session 4]

    Episode 9

    In our hustle, busy, work work work culture we know all about ambition. Ambition is an applauded characteristic of an individual that we many times associate with success and riches. This determination to achieve is not all bad. However, as we’ll learn, Paul does not warn us against ambition, but...

  • A Hope That Leads to Joy [Relentless Joy Session 3]

    Episode 10

    One way we can maintain joy is by managing our expectations. If we expect the worst, our feelings will follow. However, if we expect God to fulfill His promises in our lives, we will experience more joy. Whenever we are lacking joy we need to ask ourselves, “where am I placing my hope?” Are we pl...

  • How to Fight for Your Joy [Relentless Joy Session 2]

    Episode 11

    As we’ll learn in today’s video, the Apostel Paul struggled with many challenges. He faced hardship, prison, and opponents who only wanted to make things worse for him. Still, in the face of every obstacle, he chose joy. To Paul; joy wasn’t a cute idea, it was his weapon of choice against any dis...

  • God Will Bring it to Completion [Relentless Joy Session 1]

    Episode 12

    In today’s video, we’ll learn about the book of Philippians and how trusting God is a MUST for a joyful life. Enjoy!