Bible Study Series

Bible Study Series

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At Beloved, we know what it's like attempting to keep up with the demands of everyday life while still trying to make time to connect with God. This is exactly why we've created Beloved TV with, a collection of Beloved Women Bible Studies. Our video Bible Studies by Christina Patterson takes the complication out of making time for God by guiding women like us through the Bible to help connect with God in simple, practical, and meaningful ways.

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Bible Study Series
  • How to Experience the Joy of God [Abide Session 8]

    Episode 1

    Jesus came so that we might live joyful lives. In this video, we talk about how to actually experience this joy every day. The joy does not come from what we have or do, but from simply being in the will of God. In today's study we learn when we abide in Christ we have the freedom to wake up eac...

  • Why God Wants Believers to Be Fruitful [Abide Session7]

    Episode 2

    If there is anything we’ve learned from this “Abide” Bible study series it’s that God wants us to be fruitful. He wants us to shine and flourish. Then He wants us to remember that all we have is from Him and because of Him. It’s our fruit, but for His glory. In this week’s study, Jesus tells us t...

  • The Difference Between Busy Work and Meaningful Fruit [Abide Session 6]

    Episode 3

    Abiding in Jesus is the realization of just how desperately we need Him. The good news is that when we abide in Him, He also abides in us. Although we can do nothing without Him, that is never a concern for the woman that believes in Him, because He is always with her.

  • You Are Already Clean [Abide Session 5]

    Episode 4

    You’re on the right path, headed in the right direction. Your goal now is to stay the course; to not get distracted with boredom, curiosity, fatigue or frustration. What does Jesus tell his disciples to do to stay the course? You guessed it: abide in Him. And as we’ll learn in today’s study, our ...

  • How do I Know If I'm Really Saved? [Abide Session 4]

    Episode 5

    Last week we discussed that once we are saved we are always saved. We cannot lose or salvation. But I know what you’re thinking now. Well, that’s good and all, but how do I know if I’m really saved? We’re answering that exact question in today’s video. Enjoy!

  • Can I Lose My Salvation? [Abide Session 3]

    Episode 6

    Each year my family and I grow a small garden in our back yard. It is fun to plant, take care of, and watch grow; especially with the kids. But we don’t grow this garden just for fun. We also want the fruit to enjoy. The same is true for God. In today’s study, we learn that God is growing a garde...

  • What Does it Mean to Be a Fruitful Christian? [Abide Session 2]

    Episode 7

    In John 15, Jesus makes it clear He is not just any vine but the TRUE vine. He is the one offering the fullness of life and joy to all that place their faith in Him. And girlfriend let me tell you, this salvation He offers was not on sale or clearance. It was the highest of prices. Good for us we...

  • What Does it Mean to Abide in Christ [Abide Session 1]

    Episode 8

    Jesus' last instructions to His disciples was for them to simply abide in Him, His love and His word. It’s a charge to not make life as complicated as we do and a wonderful reminder that no matter how much we hustle, the fruitful life that God desires of us is only found in abiding in Him. So how...