New Releases

  • How to Hide God's Word in Your Heart

    As believers, it is of utmost importance to hide God’s Word in our hearts, so we can then live and be directed by His truth. Keeping God’s Word in our hearts helps us not to forget that we may be encouraged, equipped, and eternally changed by the truth of His Word. Watch now to learn 3 ways to hi...

  • Trusting God When You Don't Understand

    The sisters discuss how God has called them to unexpected seasons of life and how it grew their faith and trust in Him. Also, discover practical ways to trust God when life does not go as planned. Join the conversation!

  • A Woman of Diligence [Worth More Than Rubies Session 3]

    Diligence makes us both stronger and fruitful. Our strength comes from God and we work for His glory. Learn how to cultivate the important virtue of diligence in our third session of the "Worth More Than Rubies" Bible study series.

  • How to Guard Your Heart

    The Bible tells believers to guard their hearts, but what does that mean and how can we practically do that? In today’s video, Christina shares 4 biblical ways to guard your heart.

  • Fall in Love With God's Word with Brittany Ann

    Join Christina and Brittany Ann of Equipping Godly Women as they discuss the importance of God's Word in our lives and how busy women can practically make time to read and study their Bibles. If you've ever felt that you don't know enough or have enough time to get in the Word this is the video f...

  • A Woman of Patience [Worth More Than Rubies Session 2]

    Patience helps us to make the best decisions and wait for God’s perfect timing for the life He has for us. Learn how to cultivate the important virtue of patience in our second session of the "Worth More Than Rubies" Bible study series.

  • 5 Signs of a Hard Heart

    We live in a world that’s in the business of creating hard hearts. Yet the Bible warns against this type of heart. In this video, learn what a hard heart is, signs you have one, and how to soften a hard heart. Enjoy!

  • What Makes a Godly Woman?

    The sisters discuss what misconceptions they once believed about what it means to a Godly woman. Also, discover God's truth about embracing the woman He's called you to be. Join the conversation!

  • A Woman of Dignity [Worth More Than Rubies Session 1]

    Dignity allows us to live lives worthy of the call God has entrusted to us, no matter what that looks like. Learn how to cultivate the important virtue of dignity in our first session of the "Worth More Than Rubies" Bible study series.

  • What Type of Proverbs 31 Woman Are You?

    We’ve learned that the Proverbs 31 woman was not an actual person but there are plenty of real women in the Bible who lived by her example. Learn about 7 virtuous women in the Bible and be inspired by their testimonies. Enjoy!