Purpose and Calling

Purpose and Calling

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Purpose and Calling
  • Knowing Your Identity in Christ with Courtnaye Richard

    Join Christina and Courtnaye Richard as they discuss how to boldly embrace your identity in Christ, how to overcome the spiritual attack on your identity as a child of God and the importance of rest for your spiritual wellbeing. Be sure to join the conversation in the comments and enjoy!

  • Becoming Authentic Women of God

    Learn what it means to embrace the beautiful truth of who God made you.

  • The Most Important Call on Your Life [Daughters of Fire Session 2]

    Today we are kicking off our Daughters of Fire video series to discover how to passionately live for Jesus in an increasingly dark world. In today’s video I introduce you to someone who can help us do just that. His name is Elijah and from his powerful testimony and bold passion for God, we learn...

  • What You Need to Know About Answering God's Call [Daughters of Fire Session 8]

    I always get a little emotional when we come to the end of a Bible Study series. I just get so involved with the stories and attached to the characters. Like Elijah. Wasn’t his testimony powerful? And wasn’t he an inspiring person to get to know over the past few weeks? We’ve learned how to be bo...

  • The Dream of You with Jo Saxton

    “Who were you before anyone told you who you were allowed to be?” – Jo Saxton

    We all start with a dream. Life, however, has a funny way of redirecting us to other things. The demands of adulthood, the doubt in our hearts, and the negativity of others can all lead us astray from the God-given dre...

  • Understanding Your Identity in Christ [Already Free Session 10]

    As we continue our “Already Free” series we learn why it is so important to understand our identity in Christ. In today’s video, we learn not only are we daughters of God but that we are also His heirs. And freedom is our rightful inheritance! However, we must make the decision for ourselves to l...

  • The Purpose Room by Heather Lindsey

  • Can God Use Me [Daughters of Fire Session 5]

    We have to realize when our faith is in Christ we give God glory wherever we are, whether folding clothes or closing a business deal. We can’t forget that the Spirit of God is in us and we are the Church. In today’s lesson, we’ll meet a man named Obadiah who lives out this truth with grace and ef...

  • The Difference Between Busy Work and Meaningful Fruit [Abide Session 6]

    Abiding in Jesus is the realization of just how desperately we need Him. The good news is that when we abide in Him, He also abides in us. Although we can do nothing without Him, that is never a concern for the woman that believes in Him, because He is always with her.

  • Why God Wants Believers to Be Fruitful [Abide Session7]

    If there is anything we’ve learned from this “Abide” Bible study series it’s that God wants us to be fruitful. He wants us to shine and flourish. Then He wants us to remember that all we have is from Him and because of Him. It’s our fruit, but for His glory. In this week’s study, Jesus tells us t...

  • What Does it Mean to Be a Fruitful Christian? [Abide Session 2]

    In John 15, Jesus makes it clear He is not just any vine but the TRUE vine. He is the one offering the fullness of life and joy to all that place their faith in Him. And girlfriend let me tell you, this salvation He offers was not on sale or clearance. It was the highest of prices. Good for us we...

  • 3 Reminders About God's Call on Your Life

  • 5 Signs God is Moving You in a New Direction

    We can look at the changing seasons each year to know that nothing lasts forever. Life consists of cycles and seasons. The Bible tells us there is a season for everything, but we also know that no season lasts forever. In today’s video, learn 5 signs God may be moving you in a new direction and i...

  • Overcoming Perfectionism

    Whether perfectionism drives you or discourages you, we can all agree its negative effects are not helping anyone. The drive to be perfect may seem like a noble task, but operating in excellence and trying to get everything exactly right are two totally different things. In today’s video, learn s...