Unshaken Bible Study

Unshaken Bible Study

Faith in God offers hope, strength, and courage during difficult times. Sure, it would be great if our troubling circumstance would change but if it doesn’t we need more. We need a faith that can withstand all that the world is ready to throw at us.

Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego know all about having unshaken faith. Faced with a fiery furnace ready to consume them they maintained a boldness for God while experiencing pressure on all sides.

“Unshaken: Standing Firm When Your Faith in Tested” is a Bible study that takes a deeper look at a critical time in the lives of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego while they are at the intersection of choosing what’s easy and choosing what’s better. In this study, you will learn 4 keys to developing an unshaken faith that can withstand any fire.

Unshaken Bible Study
  • When Your Faith is Shaken [Unshaken Session 1]

    It’s so easy in life to feel completely turned upside down when the unexpected happens or we are facing a season we would rather not. And it’s times like these that make our faith seem small, brittle and frail. But what we really need is that unshaken, bold and steadfast faith. The kind of faith ...

  • How to Boldly Stand Firm in Your Faith [Unshaken Session 2]

    During spring cleaning seasons I to go through our closets, attics, and garages to figure out what’s for keeps, what’s to give away and what simply needs to be thrown away. It always amazes me how much stuff we have. And I never realize it until it’s time to clean. Honestly, any other time of yea...

  • Faithfully Living For God [Unshaken Session 3]

    I loved church when I was a little girl. We were not one of those families in every activity and at church every other day but we were there just about every Sunday and I loved it. I loved the tradition, the music and the hats. The only thing I loved more was Sunday School. It was in Sunday schoo...

  • Your Best Defense Against the Enemy [Unshaken Session 4]

    I can be defensive sometimes. I hate to admit that but it’s true. One thing that really bothers me is when someone believes something about me that is untrue. Like, you can think bad about me and if it’s true ok, I’m not all good. I get that. But to believe something about me that’s not true just...

  • How to Trust God When It Looks Impossible [Unshaken Session 5]

    Believing God is able is one of the most important things to hold on to in our faith walk. So in this week’s study, we take a closer look at this key to unshaken faith and it is my prayer it unlocks a boldness in you to stand for God you never knew you had.

  • How to Trust God During Difficult Times [Unshaken Session 6]

    I’m trying to help my daughter understand money. When her grandmother gives her a few dollars we go to the Dollar Store and I let her shop for herself. All this started because one time while out shopping she asked for a particular item and I told her she could not have it because I did not have ...

  • How God Can Change Your Life [Unshaken Session 7]

    I’ve grown very fond of our friends Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego during this study and I’m a little sad to say this is our last video from this series. They have encouraged us in a boldness of faith to stand firm when the struggle is real, or real hot like in their case. But it’s this very fait...