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  • Go Again: Overcoming Doubt with Faith Bible Study

    Episode 1

    As I’m moving forward with some things the Lord is calling me to do, I’ve recently found myself facing doubt more frequently. Some of the things that I’m trying to accomplish I’ve tried before and did not succeed. You’d think trying something for the second or third time would be easier as you’ve...

  • 3 Ways To Trust God More

    Episode 2

  • How to Trust God During Difficult Times [Unshaken Session 6]

    Episode 3

    I’m trying to help my daughter understand money. When her grandmother gives her a few dollars we go to the Dollar Store and I let her shop for herself. All this started because one time while out shopping she asked for a particular item and I told her she could not have it because I did not have ...

  • How to Trust God When It Looks Impossible [Unshaken Session 5]

    Episode 4

    Believing God is able is one of the most important things to hold on to in our faith walk. So in this week’s study, we take a closer look at this key to unshaken faith and it is my prayer it unlocks a boldness in you to stand for God you never knew you had.

  • When Your Faith is Shaken [Unshaken Session 1]

    Episode 5

    It’s so easy in life to feel completely turned upside down when the unexpected happens or we are facing a season we would rather not. And it’s times like these that make our faith seem small, brittle and frail. But what we really need is that unshaken, bold and steadfast faith. The kind of faith ...

  • How to Boldly Stand Firm in Your Faith [Unshaken Session 2]

    Episode 6

    During spring cleaning seasons I to go through our closets, attics, and garages to figure out what’s for keeps, what’s to give away and what simply needs to be thrown away. It always amazes me how much stuff we have. And I never realize it until it’s time to clean. Honestly, any other time of yea...

  • Trusting God with the Desires of Your Heart [Matters of the Heart Session 6]

    Episode 7

    When we are aligned with God’s will for our lives today’s scripture tells us God will give us the desires of our hearts. So problems occur when we are not connected to God and when we’re not in fellowship with Him. In these cases seeking out what we desire could very well mean leading us further ...

  • Don't Give Up [Already Free Session 16]

    Episode 8

    If we’re honest we must admit that at times our walk with Christ can become frustrating, difficult, and leave us simply wanting to give up. However, our study in Galatians today encourages us to do the opposite. Now is the time to plant seeds of faith to see a fruitful harvest of peace, hope, and...

  • Why God's Promise is Greater Than Your Works [Already Free Session 8]

    Episode 9

    Just the other day my husband and I were talking about how the uncertainty of life is one of the greatest challenges to our faith. Still, we are blessed to serve an unchanging and faithful God. In the last session, we talked about why God’s grace is greater than our works. Now as we work our way ...

  • How do I Know If I'm Really Saved? [Abide Session 4]

    Episode 10

    Last week we discussed that once we are saved we are always saved. We cannot lose or salvation. But I know what you’re thinking now. Well, that’s good and all, but how do I know if I’m really saved? We’re answering that exact question in today’s video. Enjoy!

  • Can I Lose My Salvation? [Abide Session 3]

    Episode 11

    Each year my family and I grow a small garden in our back yard. It is fun to plant, take care of, and watch grow; especially with the kids. But we don’t grow this garden just for fun. We also want the fruit to enjoy. The same is true for God. In today’s study, we learn that God is growing a garde...

  • Do You Not Perceive It? [All Things New Session 4]

    Episode 12

    Today we look at a very important question God asks the Israelites as He prepares to release them from Babylonian captivity.

    “Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it?” – Isaiah 43:19 ESV
    Do you not perceive it? It’s like the new ways God is making for them ar...

  • I Can Do All Things Through Christ [Relentless Joy Session 12]

    Episode 13

    I know this entire “Relentless Joy” series is all about joy. Yet, here I am a little sad it’s almost over. When writing this study I had NO idea how many women around the world would join and share in this journey. In all sincerity, thank you.

    In Philippians chapter one we read about Paul’s love...

  • How to Take Up the Shield of Faith [Stand Firm Session 10]

    Episode 14

    We’ve put on our belt of truth. We’ve put on our breastplate of righteousness. We’ve put on shoes with the readiness of the Gospel of peace. Now we are told to:

    In all circumstances take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming darts of the evil one. – Ephesians 6:16...

  • How to Hide God's Word in Your Heart

    Episode 15

    As believers, it is of utmost importance to hide God’s Word in our hearts, so we can then live and be directed by His truth. Keeping God’s Word in our hearts helps us not to forget God's truth and goodness that we may be encouraged, equipped, and eternally changed by His Word. Watch now to learn ...

  • 5 Signs God is Moving You in a New Direction

    Episode 16

    We can look at the changing seasons each year to know that nothing lasts forever. Life consists of cycles and seasons. The Bible tells us there is a season for everything, but we also know that no season lasts forever. In today’s video, learn 5 signs God may be moving you in a new direction and i...

  • The Power of Prayer

    Episode 17

    Prayer is essential to our spiritual growth because it’s how we communicate with God, and communication is key to maintaining the health of any relationship, especially your relationship with God. In today’s video learn the 3 powerful and life-changing benefits of prayer to encourage you to make ...