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  • 7 Ways God Heals a Broken Heart

    Episode 1

    No matter how different we are, chances are if you have a heart, at one point in your life, it has or will be broken. Maybe someone you loved betrayed you. Maybe you were rejected. Maybe you lost love in one way or another. I want to remind you today that we serve a God who is a healer and is in ...

  • Trusting God When You're Tired and Weary

    Episode 2

    If you’re feeling weary I want you to know that is okay. You are not a failure. God did not make you to bulldoze your way through life nonstop. Learn how to trust God when you’re tired and weary in this week’s video. Enjoy!

  • Experiencing God's Strength in Your Weakness

    Episode 3

    If your weaknesses, failures, and shortcomings are a consistent discouragement for you be encouraged because in today’s video we’ll learn why our weakness in Christ is actually one of our greatest assets. Enjoy!

  • When You Feel Like Giving Up

    Episode 4

    If you’ve ever wanted to give up you’re not alone. I think of the woman with the issue of blood in Mark 5. She was very sick when she found out Jesus was walking by her town. She set out to meet Jesus to receive the healing she heard He was providing for others. However, once she got to Jesus she...

  • When Surrendering to God is a Struggle

    Episode 5

  • Don't Give Up [Already Free Session 16]

    Episode 6

    If we’re honest we must admit that at times our walk with Christ can become frustrating, difficult, and leave us simply wanting to give up. However, our study in Galatians today encourages us to do the opposite. Now is the time to plant seeds of faith to see a fruitful harvest of peace, hope, and...

  • Trusting God When Bad Things Happen

    Episode 7

    I hope 2020 has been good to you. If I’m honest, January 2020 has been difficult. As I’ve navigated this challenging month with God, I was lead to create a video on how to trust God when bad things happen. I didn’t want this to be my first video of the year, but with the recent tragic losses that...

  • Why God's Promise is Greater Than Your Works [Already Free Session 8]

    Episode 8

    Just the other day my husband and I were talking about how the uncertainty of life is one of the greatest challenges to our faith. Still, we are blessed to serve an unchanging and faithful God. In the last session, we talked about why God’s grace is greater than our works. Now as we work our way ...

  • I Can Do All Things Through Christ [Relentless Joy Session 12]

    Episode 9

    I know this entire “Relentless Joy” series is all about joy. Yet, here I am a little sad it’s almost over. When writing this study I had NO idea how many women around the world would join and share in this journey. In all sincerity, thank you.

    In Philippians chapter one we read about Paul’s love...

  • Why You Should Keep Praying When You Want to Quit

    Episode 10

    Prayer is one of the most important disciplines in the Christian faith. It is our connection to the Creator of this world and the Savior of our souls. When a Christian makes it a habit to pray every day, he or she experiences the benefits of communing with God on such an intimate level. There are...

  • 3 Ways To Increase Your Passion For God

    Episode 11

  • 3 Encouraging Reminders For When You Feel Stuck

    Episode 12

  • 3 Ways To Encourage Yourself In The Lord

    Episode 13

  • Overcoming Guilt From Past Sins [Matters of the Heart Session 8]

    Episode 14

    King David was known to be a man after God’s own heart (Acts 13:22), however, during his reign over Israel, he committed an affair with a married woman and then had her husband murdered to cover it up. When David was confronted with his sin he was deeply grieved and wrote Psalm 51. David knew wha...

  • God's Promise For a Broken Heart [Matters of the Heart Session 5]

    Episode 15

    Whether you’ve experienced the end of a relationship, been betrayed by someone you trusted or experienced the loss of a loved one we all know what it’s like to have a broken heart. Today’s scripture gives hope even to the brokenhearted and reminds us no matter what we are going through we never g...

  • Overcoming Discouragement [Matters of the Heart Session 7]

    Episode 16

    As we continue our “Matters of the Heart Series” today we’re looking at how discouragement hurts our hearts and in turn, prevents us from moving forward in boldness and confidence. Of course, God’s word doesn’t fail us in this area and offers hope, healing, and practical solutions to overcoming t...

  • Overcoming Insecurity [Matters of the Heart Session 4]

    Episode 17

    She’s the unspoken enemy that attacks women right in the heart. She causes women to doubt their true identity in Christ, she prevents us from boldly walking in our God-given callings, and she can single-handedly take down even a healthy relationship. No, she’s not the other woman. Her name is ins...

  • Why You Can Stop Trying to Be Perfect [Already Free Session 11]

    Episode 18

    With growing demands, deadlines, and endless responsibilities women, now more than ever, seem to be striving for perfection. Unfortunately, it’s this striving that is leaving us empty, discouraged, and wondering what in the world is wrong with us? May I quickly answer that question for you?


  • Understanding Your Identity in Christ [Already Free Session 10]

    Episode 19

    As we continue our “Already Free” series we learn why it is so important to understand our identity in Christ. In today’s video, we learn not only are we daughters of God but that we are also His heirs. And freedom is our rightful inheritance! However, we must make the decision for ourselves to l...

  • Do Not Set Aside the Grace of God [Already Free Session 6]

    Episode 20

    We all have a past and many times letting go of that past can seem near impossible. However, as we’ve found in our Already Free series the Gospel of Jesus Christ can free us from anything, even our past. And when that seems impossible today’s text in Galatians 2:19-21 reminds us not to “set aside...

  • How to Let Go of Your Past [Already Free Session 3]

    Episode 21

    One of our greatest struggles is to break free from the pain, guilt, and hurt of our past. So in today’s video, we’re looking at Galatians 1:13-24 to discuss this topic in detail because if we can’t come to terms with our past, we can’t come to terms with our future. But because of the work of Je...

  • God's Mercies Are Made New Every Morning [All Things New Session 5]

    Episode 22

    The book of Lamentations is a book of sorrow and pain due to the consequences of sin by the Israelites. However, in the middle of all this despair, we find a verse of hope. A verse that reminds us no matter our circumstance God’s love is never-ending, His mercies are new, and He is faithful.


  • God Will Make a New Way [All Things New Session 3]

    Episode 23

    As we continue our series “All Things New” I want to talk about how we can sometimes miss out on the new ways God wants to make for us in our lives because we are imprisoned by the thoughts of where we are now and how things have always been. However, if we know we need something new, we have to ...

  • The Joy of the Lord is Your Strength [Relentless Joy Session 10]

    Episode 24

    God is an everlasting source of joy and strength, and the more we depend on Him, the more strength and joy we will experience. Learn the important connection between our strength and joy in God in today’s study.